The First and Only Unprecedented, Breaking Through Culinary Experience and Innovative Therapeutic Recreational Services! 

Through the Art of Dumpling Making 

To empower people to make this world happier, healthier and more productive

We offer customized products and therapeutic recreational services to seniors in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, personal care homes & senior community centers, individuals with intellectual disability & seeking mind freedom, children & families, and corporate teams at competitive prices to help individuals and organizations in their performance

Our services include Dumpling Making Workshops, Corporate Catering, Public Events, Private Parties, Fund Raising Events and Dumpling/Cooking Show, and Philly Chinatown Tour and Dim Sum Tasting

* Seniors
Children & Families

* Intellectual Disabled

* Mental Disabled

* Corporate Team Building and Leadership Training 


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928 Race Street, Ste 2B, Philadelphia, PA  19107. Tel 215-352-4324

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