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Dumpling Making

"An amazing cultural  experience led by a beautiful family who welcome you and treat you as part of their family. Adults and tweens worked together, immersed in discussions about all cultures while laughing and enjoying the newly learned lessons involved with making authentic chinese dumplings. Definitely a memorable time which tickles all senses, but warms the heart and stomach. Just as many men attend as women, from various cultures and professions. Dont be afraid to come alone, you will make friends quickly in class. And Grandma is there to make sure you do it right!" - Kathleen Idland 

"Yin's Dumpling Class was such a joy for my partner and I. The class had another couple, as well, so it was very intimate, cozy and fun. Yin has a passion to display her culture and was joined by her wonderful parents, who were also very passionate and happily assisted us with chopping or rolling out dough. After a few tries, we really got the hang of it and were celebrated by Apple and her parents. There were tons of dumplings by the end of the class. Not only did Yin accommodate our food allergies, she also had a substitute dumpling filling for the other couple, which was delicious – mushroom and bok choy – yum!" - Neico

Making XiaoLongBao/Pork Soup Dumplings

"Yin was a kind, gentle and enthusiastic host. This was a fun and delicious activity!" - Jeniffer

"This is a super fun activity, especially if you are a soup dumpling lover! My family group of five had a great time learning about how to make the dumplings, and met some great people in the process. Apple was a wonderful teacher with a good sense of fun, and we came away with full stomachs and a great appreciation of how hard it is to make good-looking dumplings! I would highly recommend this..." - Simone

Philly Chinatown Tour & Dim Sum Tasting

"Yin is a very pleasant and friendly guide who gave me a comprehensive and informative tour of Chinatown that included visits to an acupuncture practice, a Chinese pharmacy and a hidden, Chinese supermarket among other stops. As luck would have it, at the time of the tour the annual Hoyu Folk Culture Festival parade took place, featuring colorful costumes and even traditional Chinese fireworks. Never a dull moment in Chinatown, I guess. The tour ended with a visit to a Dim Sum restaurant that offered many tasty delicacies that are usually not found in more westernized Chinese restaurants. Overall a very enjoyable tour!" - Kai

Philly Chinatown Tour & Dim Sum Tasting

"Yin was a wonderful host from the get go. She was at the meeting location early waiting for us to arrive. She is very knowledgeable and up to date on the surrounding Chinatown community. During our Dim sum tasting she explained what everything was and how to properly eat it. She also brought us around to popular food and shopping markets within the community! We even went over the allotted timeframe because there was so much to take in while she led us throughout Chinatown. I highly recommend Apple as a host! If you’re looking to get a little cultured, eat some amazing food and get a tour of Chinatown this is the place to do it!" - William

"We really enjoyed this tour of Chinatown with Apple. She is very knowledgeable and brought us to some great spots (including some great food stops!) Apple is very sweet and gave us recommendations for other places and sights to see while in Philly. She was a great tour guide. We highly recommend this tour." - Lara

Philly Chinatown Tour & Dim Sum Tasting

"Very nice tour, was a very enjoyable experience." - Jay

"Yin was an excellent tour guide. She arranged a delightful dim sum lunch and led us through Chinatown with confidence and knowledge. I particularly enjoyed the Chinese version of Starbucks and the historical sights. I would highly recommend this experience." - Jama

"Want to learn about the history, medicine, art, food and culture of Philadelphia’s Chinatown? Then this is the tour for you! I loved the pace of this walking tour, not too fast & not too slow. Apple tried to customize the info for each guest. And the dim sum lunch was great! I’d recommend this tour for both locals and tourists." - Penny

Philly Chinatown Tour & Dim Sum Tasting

"Yin was very knowledgeable and easy-going! We had a great time taking a walk through Chinatown while buying great food, souvenirs, and learning about the culture and history of Chinatown/" - Elin

"We had an incredible afternoon with Apple (Yin)! It started with a fabulous dim sum lunch where she guided and educated us about Chinese food and traditions. Then she showed us around Chinatown with varied stops that would normally be unlikely finds for tourists. She was generous with her time and had a wealth of local knowledge. Overall the tour felt well-paced, was reasonably priced and was lots of fun both for Philly natives and tourists." - Amy

Photo of our guests who were having fun at an underground Chinese Supermarket during our Philly Chinatown Tour. They were holding Mushrooms!

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