We are pleased to partner with Airbnb to offer the most cultural rich experiences to Philadelphia residents and visitors from all over the world!

Dumpling Academy is all about connecting communities through cultural understanding and experiences. We achieve this goal through many ways. Our most popular cultural event is our Chinese Dumpling Making Parties. To ring in the year of the dog, we have decided to do a weekend filled with Chinese dumpling making sessions and insider tours of Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Our weekend of Chinese events kicks off with a Chinese New Year’s Eve dumpling party at our Dumpling Academy. While our Academy is relatively new, we are quickly gaining popularity and reputation in Philadelphia for our high quality and fun classes. During this party, we will make two different types of traditional Chinese dumplings and some Chinese side dishes. The party is perfect for family and friends alike and is a hands-on learning experience. Afterwards, everyone will be able to see traditional lion dances in Chinatown as the city celebrates the new year. 

We are also proud to provide an insider's tour of Philadelphia’s vibrant and lively Chinatown. The small, but inspirational, Chinese community in Philadelphia has a lot of fascinating history, culture, and food that shine through in the tour. This tour will allow participants to taste various foods, shop for traditional items, and learn interesting insights about Chinatown.  As you are guided around Chinatown and you will be able to learn and experience Chinese culture through the different foods, sights, and historical monuments. The tour will offer stops at interesting shops and restaurants as well as important historical and art buildings in Chinatown.

Our two back-to-back tours of Chinatown will be on Friday, February 16, around lunchtime – the perfect time to experience the different tastes of Chinatown. Bring empty stomachs and any questions you have about the area and Chinese culture so that we can ensure a fun and informational tour.
On Sunday, February 18th, Five-Spice Philly will host a Dumpling Making Party at our branch company Dumpling Academy for Airbnb guests only. 

We have two events on Monday, February 19th. Our first event is a lunchtime experience in Chinatown. We will go Chinatown Tour to ensure that you get to experience all the various cultures and foods in the area. Our second event will begin later in the evening as we will be hosting a dinner dumpling party. As per the Dumpling party on the 18th, everyone will be able to personally make two different types of Chinese dumplings. 


For more information about our company and services, please visit www.DumplingAcademy.com


The schedule for Chinese New Year weekend for Airbnb guests only is as follows: 
Thursday 2/15 – Two Chinatown Tours Back to Back at Lunch Time
Friday 2/16 - Two Chinatown Tours Back to Back at Lunch Time
Saturday 2/17 – One Chinatown Tour at Lunch Time
Sunday 2/18 Evening - Dumpling Party
Monday 2/19 Lunch – Chinatown Tour
Monday 2/19 Evening - Dumpling Party  
Thursday 2/22 Lunch time – One Chinatown tour at lunch time
Friday 2/23 - Two Chinatown Tours Back to Back at Lunch Time
Saturday 2/24 - Two Chinatown Tours Back to Back at Lunch Time
Sunday 2/25 - Two Chinatown Tours Back to Back at Lunch Time
Sunday 2/25 Evening - Dumpling Party

Chinese New Year Special with Airbnb