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"Something Culturally Unique and Immersive in Philadelphia!"

Charlie· July 2019

Apple and her assistant Faye were wonderful hosts for the dumpling/bubble tea experience. We started out going on a fun trip to a Chinatown grocery store where we got to peruse all sorts of exotic (to me!) foods and pick up what we were going to need to make the dumplings. One guest had a special dietary request, so instead of replacing one of the two dumplings we were already set to make, we got ingredients to make a third type of dumpling! After the market, it was back to Apple's place, where the night's group gathered around the table and took turns chopping, mixing, seasoning, kneading, folding, and finally, cooking up the dumplings - with Apple and Faye guiding us and giving us pointers along the way. I made new friends and felt like family during this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in experiencing something culturally unique and immersive in Philadelphia!

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pork soup dumplings-appreciation of hardwork

"This is a super fun activity, especially if you are a soup dumpling lover! My family group of five had a great time learning about how to make the dumplings, and met some great people in the process.

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